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Haldor "Slim" Halderson - Born January 7, 1898 in Winnipeg, Manitoba – Died August 1, 1965 in Winnipeg, Manitoba was an Icelandic-Canadian ice Hockey right winger.

- Allan Cup Champion 1920 with Winnipeg Falcons
- Olympic Gold Medal Winner 1920 with Team Canada

- 1925 Stanley Cup Champion

- Harry F. Sinclair Trophy Champion 1930 as American Hockey Association Winners with Kansas City Pla-Mors.

Slim made his NHL debut with the Detroit Cougars on November 18, 1926 vs the Boston Bruins at Border Cities Arena in 2-0 Bruins win.

Slim scored his 1st NHL goal vs Roy Worters of the Pittsburgh Pirates on November 20, 1926 at 19:54 of the 3rd period at Duquesne Gardens in a 4-1 Pittsburgh win.

Halldor (Slim) Halldorson was inducted into the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame in 1987


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