Deck Hockey was traditionally played by the Royal Navy on the ships' decks, using short wooden polo type Hockey sticks called Rossall Sticks and/or field Hockey sticks.

Deck Hockey was a very popular game in those of HMS ships which have sufficient deck space . It is played at a fast and furious pace and there is no offside rule. For a ball or puck, as it is called, a large number of these pucks / balls is used during a game as they soon get hit overboard.

Modern Deck Hockey is still played on most Navy Ships Decks, using a variety of Hockey sticks, from Cosom Hockey Sticks to Field Hockey Sticks 



Deck Hockey has been played on war ships by navy, marines and military officers during war conflict on the high seas, and when docked.

"Life on Board a Man-Of-War - Junior Officers At Hockey - 1889"