Beach Hockey Europe - Beach Hockey is the most spectacular form of Hockey and is played since 2004. It is a battle between 2 teams with 4 players each, played in loose sand in an inflatable pitch, sized 20 x 30 meters. A small leather ball (Ø 20cm) is used instead of the original Hockey ball, and the goals are much wider then those used in regular Hockey.












Beach Hockey is a short but intensive game. Most of the time the ball is played through the air and because you can score from all distances Beach Hockey is very spectacular















Beach Hockey has been played around the world for centuries. Wherever coastal communities settled, stick and ball games were played on the sandy beaches.

MODERN BEACH HOCKEY : Introduction of Beach Hockey in the Netherlands and first Dutch National Championship in 2004 - Scheveningen (The Hague) 90 participants.

Official recognition by the Dutch Hockey Federation in 2005.

Two qualification tournaments and Demonstration matches during Zandvoort and during Rabo Junior World Cup Men in Rotterdam, had 600 participants.  Website is launched.

In 2006 More than 2.000 participants and over 80 Hockey clubs participate in 14 tournaments. Demonstrations are organised throughout the Netherlands. Beach Hockey is on national television. 

More than 100 participating Hockeyclubs had National media attention: Beach Hockey on Caz! Radio and SBS6 3.541

Beach Hockeyers, 2.272 participants at the official tour.