Power hockey is a competitive, fast-paced hockey game based on the use of an electric powered wheelchair. Its modified ice Hockey rules enable disabled people that use an electric wheelchair to play in a competitive floor Hockey league and have the chance to engage in the camaraderie and excitement of the sport.

The sport is also called Electric Wheelchair Hockey and Electric Wheelchair Floorball.

Leagues include players in both electric and manual wheelchairs.

Toronto Power Wheelchair Hockey League - Game Action

Sport courts are used for games, mostly played in gyms. There are also outdoor games played.

The amount of players on a specific team can change, but at any given time there are five players on the court. There is usually one head coach and one assistant coach to direct the movements of the team members. The coaches can also be playing members of the team.

The Hockey stick used is plastic like a Cosom Hockey or Floorball stick. The Ball that is used is also plastic, and can range in size.

Players with excessive limited range and movement may tape the Hockey stick to their wheelchair.

Due to the goalies' limited ability to move, they do not freeze the ball. Instead, the official blows the whistle to stop play when the ball is underneath the goaltender's electric wheelchair, and play restarts with a face-off.

Many NHL Teams and Players have supported Wheelchair Hockey

Wheelchair Hockey Game - Townsend Tigers Score a Goal - 2011



The sport was discovered by accident in the 1970s, when some schools began giving sports lessons for disabled pupils.

The children that started playing the sport were mainly severely physically handicapped. This type of sport was great for them because it does not require much muscle power to operate the stick or the wheelchair.