Patrick Shannon
Patrick Shannon - Director/ Visual Master He is a Vegetarian Filmmaker/Designer/Photographer who loves, Movies, Music and Espresso. Patrick was born in a Haida war canoe off the NorthWest coast of British Columbia, Canada in the late 1980's. The son of a Viking drywaller and Haida princess, he was raised in the small native fishing village of Skidegate, on Haida Gwaii. He is the Creative Director of HOCKEYGODS.COM designing and editing all of the videos that you see on the website and abroad.
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Growing up in Northern BC, Antonio had always had a passion for hockey and music. Antonio was brought on the team for his mad computer skills and his passion for hockey. Antonio currently attends to everything technological and internet related for From server maintenance and IT to designing, building and up-keeping the website.
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Jacques Lalonde
Jacques is thrilled to be part of the HockeyGods team. He began playing ball hockey at the age of 5 in Montreal, Quebec where he went to many a Stanley Cup parade. He co-created "Nucklehead Fever", a play about the Canucks which won Best production in 1998 at the Vancouver Sun Readers Choice Awards, and performed over 300 times in The Big League across B.C. and Ontario. Besides playing "the oldest man still allowed on television", Jacques is part of the creative team at HockeyGods and is a huge fan of HockeyGoddess.
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Ross Judge
I am the founder of HockeyGods. Born in central British Columbia, I am from the Nak'azdli People of the Carrier Nation. My family is the Julian Clan, and I am a direct descendant of Chief Kw'eh (Kwah). I was moved away from my people in 1965, as the 60s scoop was happening, and was very lucky to grow up in the Jericho Beach area of Vancouver, Canada. I was raised by a Irish father that had no connection to Hockey, but at age 5, I discovered Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday nights, and it became my 1st Love. We did not have much money, so I never got to play ice Hockey as a child, but I did excel in street Hockey and the cosom Hockey league vs other elementary schools. As a visionary, I decided to start to HockeyGods in my late 40s, and started to put the vision in action. HockeyGods was finally launched in 2010
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