Beer Hockey : 

A drinking game in which participants have a can (or bottle) of beer in front of them and each take turns spinning a quarter.

Everyone gathers around a table, placing a single full bottle or can in front of them. If the game is played with four players, everyone takes a corner. If the game is played with more than four players, stand in a circle. Make sure everyone is about equal distantance to one another.

Whoever spins the quarter calls out the name of one of the players, Everyone except the shooter must quickly guard their beers using their pinky and index fingers (but not their knuckles). The chosen person then attempts to flick the quarter and hit an opponents beer. If the beer is hit, everyone takes their beer off the table (suds off the table) and the person who hit the beer spins the quarter, during the duration of spin the person whos beer was hit must chug their beer (during this any player can attempt to keep the quarter spinning). In the event that a drinking player is about to finish their drink while the quarter is still spinning, they must make a fist pumping motion in the air. This is called “pulling the ropes.” It lets every other player know to get ready, because as soon as their drink is finished the player can slam it down on the table and attempt a Instant Revenge shot at anyone’s beer. If the drinking player does not “pull the ropes,” then his or her redemption shot is illegal and considered null and void.

If the Shooter’s shot misses, or is rebounded by the fingers of the Goalie, it is still in play, as long as it remains on the table and spinning. In fact, even if it hits a beer for a goal, as long as the quarter is still spinning it remains in play. Any other player may then attempt to swat it at someone else for another goal. Because of this, it is possible to sometimes have two or more players drinking after consecutive goals in a single round. In this event, the player whose beer was hit first becomes the Spinner in the next round.

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 During the after goal quarter spin, any player may attempt to gently stop the quarter’s spin by bringing their hand down upon it, making it stand up on edge. If this is done correctly, and the quarter stands, the player drinking must finish their drink and are allowed no redemption shot. If the player attempting to Spin-Stop fails to stop the quarter on its edge, they must finish their drink instead. 

If one hits more than one beer in one flick, they are then "on fire". When one is on fire they can hit the quarter whenever they please even if their name isnt called. This continues until the on fire person misses a shot.


Some Rules :

1 - You have only 3 tries to get the quarter spinning on your turn, if you fail to do this your beer goes in the penalty box (center of the table) for one turn, during that turn you cannot block your beer.

2 - In order to successfully inact Instant Revenge, your beer MUST be empty (anoyone can challenge the emptyness by test shaking the can), and MUST land on top of the quarter.

3 - Zamboni - The Table Suck, this rule must be agreed upon before the start of the game. If a beer is knocked over from a shot, the beer holder must suck the beer off the table. If you are drinking fine quality beer, then you may want this rule in effect.

4High Sticking - Hitting a opponent in the Facial Area with the coin on your shot - Shooter must drink their drink.



History of Beer Hockey. Hmm, lets see. You have Beer and you have Hockey, both have been loved by Female and Males around the world for over a hundred years. Thats a lot of Hockey, and that too, is a lot of beer cool