Tonsil Hockey - A form of French kissing, or kissing with the tongue. The genders involved is dependent on personal preference. For the purpose of this explanation though we will use the male vs female discriptions.

Starts with a face off where both participants faces get close and this leads in many cases to a stare down.

Lip Locking is essential in Tonsil Hockey, and will give you the oppotunity to attempt to score.

  • The act of french kissing - They were playing tonsil hockey as they made out on my couch.
  • A nonsense game referring to heavy-action French kissing and deep tonguing - Mary and John were in the pool playing tonsil Hockey.  
  • Dump and Chase is quite effective to make Tonsil Hockey more of an enjoyable experience.
  • Kids sit around in cars, playing tonsil Hockey all evening.

Tonsil Hockey - Artwork - 2012 - Super Top Secret


No forcing - only kiss those who want to be kissed.

No Drooling - suck it up before you start kissing.

Start Softly - lead the way and build up to a wet passionate French kiss.

No Tongue Shoving - play nice.

Good Breath - be prepared with mints, gum or breath spray.

No Chapped Lips - moisturize with lip balm to keep them soft, supple and kissable.

No Judgment - never criticize your partner's kissing technique



Instigator Penalty 

Holding the Stick

Delay of the Game


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Tonsil Hockey - The Tom Green Show