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David James "Tiger" Williams - Born February 3, 1954 in Weyburn, Saskatchewan is a Canadian retired ice Hockey left winger, roller Hockey coach/owner.

- Represented Vancouver Canucks at the 33rd National Hockey League All-Star Game in 1981 and played on a line with Gretzky & Bossy.
Tiger took a holding penalty at 10:37 of the 1st period.

Tiger had a career season with 35 goals, 62 points and led the NHL that season with 343 penalty minutes.

- NHL Record for 1st player to score 30 or more goals while also having 300 or more penalty minutes in a season.

- Clarence S. Campbell Bowl Champion 1982 with Vancouver Canucks.

Williams made his NHL debut with Toronto Maple Leafs on January 7, 1975 vs New York Islanders at Nassau Coliseum in a 5-3 Islanders win. Tiger got a minor penalty for holding.

Williams scored his 1st NHL goal vs Michel "Bunny" Larocque of the Montreal Canadiens at 11:40 of the 2nd period on January 18, 1975 at Montreal Forum in a 5-3 Toronto win.

Williams scored the 1st playoff overtime goal in Vancouver Canucks history, when on April 8, 1982 in game 2 vs Calgary Flames, he scored on Pat Riggin at 14:20 of the 1st overtime at Pacific Coliseum.

Williams scored his 1st NHL hat-trick vs Mike Veisor of the Winnipeg Jets on January 20, 1984 at Winnipeg Arena in a 6-6 tie.

Williams scored 241 goals (25 GWG / 1 OTG), 272 assists and a NHL record 3,971 penalty minutes in 962 NHL regular season games and 12 goals (4 GWG / 1 OTG), 23 assists and 455 penalty minutes in 83 NHL playoff games.

Dave Williams was inducted into the Special Olympics BC Hall of Fame in 2000.

Tiger Williams was inducted into the Swift Current Broncos Hall of Fame in 2004.

Tiger Williams received the Canadian Forces Medallion for Distinguished Service in 2014, the highest award a civilian can receive.
He supported Canada's military by making numerous trips overseas.

Dave "Tiger" Williams was inducted into the Saskatchewan Hockey Hall of Fame in 2015.

David “Tiger” Williams was inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame in 2017.

Tiger became famous, when after scoring a goal, he would ride his Hockey stick down the length of the ice, much to the annoyance of the opposing players, but his hometown loved it.

Tiger Williams Quote
Talking about a plane trip he took, sharing the row of 3 seats with Dave Schultz. “He was in the window seat and I was in the aisle, so no one was between us. I had taken off my cowboy boots and set them on the vacant seat between us. The Hammer was chewing a wad of tobacco and calmly would lean over and spit into my boots. After a couple of times, I was getting pretty heated. Then he leaned over to me and said, ‘Tiger, get me a Pepsi and a glass of ice.’ So I got up and brought him back his drink and he downed it quickly. Afterwards we were getting our luggage, and I went up to Hammer and said, ‘You know we should stop this childish behavior between us.’ He asked what did I mean. I said. ‘While with you spitting in my boots and me pissing in your drink, it ain’t getting us nowhere.’ Needless to say, Schultz was not happy.”


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