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Gary Edward "Suitcase" Smith - Born February 4, 1944 in Ottawa, Ontario is a Canadian retired ice Hockey goaltender.

- Memorial Cup Champion 1964 with Toronto Marlboros.
- J. Ross Robertson Cup Champion 1964 with Toronto Marlboros.
- George Richardson Memorial Trophy Champion 1964 with Toronto Marlboros.

- Calder Cup Champion 1966 with Rochester Americans

- Vezina Trophy Winner in 1972 (shared with Tony Esposito) with Chicago Black Hawks.

- Avco World Trophy Champion in 1979 with Winnipeg Jets.
Smith gave up the last goal in World Hockey Association / WHA history to Dave Semenko.

Smith made his NHL debut with the Toronto Maple Leafs on February 19, 1966 vs New York Rangers at Maple Leaf Gardens in a 3-1 New York win.

Smith got his 1st NHL shutout on December 27, 1967 playing for Oakland Seals vs Pittsburgh Penguins in a 0-0 tie at Pittsburgh Civic Arena.

Smith played in 531 regular season NHL games, winning 173, 256 losses and 74 ties, 7 assists with 26 shutouts and 193 penalty minutes. He played in 20 NHL playoff games, winning 5, losing 13 with 1 shutout and 4 penalty minutes.

Gary Smith holds the NHL record for most losses in one season with 48. He also had 19 wins, 4 ties and 2 shutouts in the 1970-71 season, playing 71 out of 78 games for the California Golden.Seals.

According to an interview in the Vancouver Province in 1997. In his first NHL game, Smith left his crease in an attempt to score a goal. He got to the Canadiens' blueline but then J.C. Tremblay came along. "He nailed me," said Smith. As a result of his tendency to skate past the blue line the NHL introduced a rule preventing the goaltender from being involved in play after crossing the center red line.


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