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George Henry Hainsworth - Born June 26, 1893 in Toronto, Ontario – Died October 9, 1950 in Gravenhurst, Ontario was a Canadian ice Hockey goaltender and coach.

- OHA Western Ontario Junior Hockey Champion 1912 with Berlin Hockey Club (Berlin Union Jacks).

- OHA Intermediate Hockey Champion 1914 with Berlin Seniors.

- Beaches Hockey League Champion 1917 with Kew Beach.

- J. Ross Robertson Cup Senior Champion 1918 with Kitchener Greenshirts.
- Allan Cup Champion 1918 with Kitchener Greenshirts.

- O'Brien Trophy Champion 1928, 1929, 1931, 1932 with Montreal Canadiens and 1934, 1935 with Toronto Maple Leafs

- Stanley Cup Champion 1930, 1931 with Montreal Canadiens.

- Vezina Trophy Winner 1927, 1928, 1929
Hainsworth was the 1st winner of the Vezina Trophy.

- OHA Junior B Champion 1940 as coach of the Waterloo Siskins.

Hainsworth made his NHL debut with the Montreal Canadiens on November 16, 1926 vs Boston Bruins at Boston Arena in a 4-1 Boston win.

Hainsworth got his 1st NHL victory vs New York Americans on November 23, 1926 at Montreal Forum in a 2-0 Montreal win, also getting his 1st NHL shutout.

Hainsworth played in the Ace Bailey Benefit Game on February 14, 1934 at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto.

Hainsworth played 465 regular season NHL games, winning 246, losing 144 with 74 ties and 94 shutouts. He played 52 NHL playoff games, winning 22, losing 25 with 5 ties and 8 shutouts.

Hainsworth set a NHL record during the 1928-29 season for shutouts with 22 and goals-against average (0.92) that stand to this day.

Hainsworth set a NHL record during the 1930 Stanley Cup playoffs, for playing 270:08 without allowing a goal.

George Hainsworth was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1961.

George Hainsworth was inducted into the Ontario Sports Hall of Fame in 2004.


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