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Douglas Robert "Favy" Favell Jr. - Born April 5, 1945 in St. Catharines, Ontario is a Canadian retired ice Hockey goaltender / lacrosse forward.

- Memorial Cup Champion 1965 with Niagara Falls Flyers.
- George Richardson Memorial Trophy Champion 1965 with Niagara Falls Flyers.
- J. Ross Robertson Cup Champion 1965 with Niagara Falls Flyers.

- Adams Cup Champion 1967 with Oklahoma City Blazers.

- Clarence S. Campbell Bowl Champion 1968 with Philadelphia Flyers. 1st winners of the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl.

Favell made his NHL debut with the Philadelphia Flyers on October 14, 1967 vs Los Angeles Kings at Long Beach Convention Center in a 4-2 Los Angeles win.

Favell got his 1st NHL victory vs St. Louis Blues on October 18, 1967 at St. Louis Arena in a 2-1 Philadelphia win.

Favell got his 1st NHL Shutout vs Pittsburgh Penguins on October 19, 1967 at The Spectrum in a 1-0 Philadelphia win.

Favell played in 373 regular season NHL games, winning 124 games (18 SO), losing 153 games with 70 ties, 8 assists and 152 penalty minutes. He played 21 NHL playoff games, winning 6 games (1 SO), losing 15 with 7 penalty minutes.

Favell is the only player to be chosen in both the 1967 (Philadelphia) and 1979 (Edmonton) NHL expansion drafts.

In October, 1970 (Oct 29) Doug Favell is credited with becoming the first goaltender to have a full art design on his mask, when team trainers painted it bright orange for halloween. The Ernie Higgins mask was dubbed "The Great Pumpkin"
Favell later had the mask painted a "Starburst" design.

The mask was put on display in the Hockey Hall of Fame, later discovered it was a fake/replica on display. acquired a clown type painted mask of same Higgins model, finding the original Favell mask and paintwork/art underneath clown paint.

We believe Frosty, the Boston Bruins trainer created the 1st art design on a mask when he drew with a marker, stitches on various places of Gerry Cheevers mask in 1968.

- Minto Cup Champion 1964 with Oshawa Green Gaels.
Favell holds the Minto Cup record for scoring 3 goals in 11 seconds in 1964. He scored 5 goals, 3 assists with 4 penalty minutes in 4 Minto Cup games.

Favell's best scoring season in lacrosse was as a junior with St. Catherines Athletics, he scored 75 goals (2nd in Ontario Lacrosse Association), 14 assists (89 pts) in 1963 Junior A season.

Doug Favell Jr. was inducted into the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 2005

Doug's father Doug Favell Sr. won the Mann Cup Championship in 1946 with St Catharines Athletics and 1948 with Hamilton Tigers, and the Mike Kelley Memorial Trophy in 1946, 1948, and is a member of the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame and Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame.


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