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Francis Charles "Mr. Zero" Brimsek - Born September 26, 1913 in Eveleth, Minnesota – Died November 11, 1998 in Virginia, Minnesota was an American ice Hockey goaltender.

- George L. Davis Trophy Winner 1936 with best goals against average 1.95 with Pittsburgh Yellow Jackets.

- Calder Cup Champion 1938 with Providence Reds.
Eastern Amateur Hockey League 1st All-Star Team.

- Calder Memorial Trophy Winner 1939 with Boston Bruins.

- Vezina Trophy Winner 1939 and 1942 with Boston Bruins.

- Prince of Wales Trophy Champion 1939, 1940, 1941 with Boston Bruins.

- Stanley Cup Champion 1939 and 1941 with Boston Bruins.

- O'Brien Trophy Winner 1943, 1946 with Boston Bruins.

- Walker Cup Champion 1943 with U.S. Coast Guard "Cutters" Hockey Team.

Brimsek made his NHL debut with the Boston Bruins on November 3, 1938 vs Toronto Maple Leafs at Maple Leaf Gardens in a 3-2 Boston win.

Brimsek got his 1st NHL shutout on December 4, 1938 vs Chicago Black Hawks at Chicago Stadium in a 5-0 Boston win.

Brimsek got his nickname "Mr Zero" during his rookie NHL season, where he twice posted 3 shutouts in a row in the Month of December, 1938. The first one lasted 231 minutes, 54 seconds. After that streak was broken by a game vs Montreal Canadiens, he promptly started another shutout streak the next game lasting 220 minutes, 24 seconds, so he had 6 shutouts in 7 straight games. Brimsek had another 2 game shutout streak in early February, 1939.

Brimsek never posted another shutout streak in his NHL career, only single game shouts.

Broimsek played in the NHL All-Star Games of 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1946, 1947, 1948, with 1939 and 1942 being selected to the 1st NHL All-Star Team.

Brimsek played 514 regular season NHL games, winning 252, losing 182 with 80 ties and 40 shutouts. He played 68 NHL playoff games, winning 32, losing 36 and 2 shutouts.

Brimsek backstopped the Bruins to 3 straight Prince of Wales Trophy Championships as NHL Regular Season Champions in 1939, 1940 and 1941.

Brimsek was a 2 time O'Brien Trophy Winner in 1943 and 1946 as NHL playoff runner-up.

Frank Brimsek was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1966, being the first American goalie to be inducted.

Frank Brimsek was part of the inaugural class of the United States Hockey Hall of Fame in 1973.


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