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Soo Greyhounds - Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds - 1923
Outside the Mutual Street Arena in Toronto, Ontario.

Team Roster
Front Row L to R - Garnet Campbell, Roy "Gloomy" Lessard, Tom Gillespie, Babe Donnelly, Stan Brown.

Back Row - Fred Morgan (trainer), Bill Phillips, Johnny Woodruff, Bob McCoy, John "Stubby " Longmoore, Flat Walsh, Fred Cook, Jim Fahey.

The first Greyhounds team formed in 1919, playing in the now defunct Upper-Peninsula League. The team's coach was George MacNamara. He suggested the team be called the Greyhounds since, "a greyhound is much faster than a wolf." That reference was to the already established rival club, the Sudbury Wolves

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almost 8 years ago

I have a copy of this picture, it has been in my family for many years. My father, John "Stubby " Longmoore 3rd player from the right in the second row was an 18 year old backup goalie to Flat Walsh. A message on the back of the card from my father's sister to their grandparents in Chatham describes my father going to Toronto and having this picture taken with the team in front of the Toronto rink. It was postmarked in the Soo on March 26, 1923.

almost 8 years ago

I also have an article from the Christian Science monitor of March 12, 1923 describing the second game of a 2 game series between the Soo and the Toronto Granites as part of qualification for the Allan Cup. The Granites went on to win the Allan Cup that year. The Soo team were champions of the N.O.H.A for 1922-23. They won the first game 3-1 but lost the second 5-1 and lost on total goals 7-4.

almost 8 years ago

The Newspaper article summary includes members of the team playing in the game
Team Roster
R. Wing Johnny Woodruff; Centres Garnet Campbell, Bill Phillips; L. Wing Gloomy Lessard, Fred Cook; R. Def Stan Brown;L.Def Babe Donnelly (sic) and Goalie Flat Walsh. Jim Fahey played centre the first game. Need help putting names to the faces in the picture. This team won the Allan cup in 1924.

about 6 years ago

I have lots of stuff - articles, photos - I can pull out on the Greyhounds from the early 1920's. My grandfather is Jim Fahey. I will add some images to this page when I get a chance. I am also trying to fill in some gaps in the info I have so any articles people can share would be greatly appreciated.

almost 2 years ago

My great grandfather was james flat Walsh..golden flea our grandfathers look to be pretty close in my searches

about 1 year ago

Hi Angela82 - my grandfather played defense so I am sure they had built quite the bond. My favourite picture is of your great grandfather and my grandfather playing cards and smoking pipes. I have a correspondence from the 1940's that my grandfather sent to his former defense partner stating that he felt your grandfather was the best goalie in the world. Short of posting my email here, I don't see any way for us to connect outside of HockeyGods. I have other stuff you may be interested in.


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