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Montreal Hockey Club / Montreal AAA 1902 - 1903
Montreal Amateur Athletic Association
Stanley Cup Champions 1902 and 1903 "February"
Canadian Amateur Hockey League Champions 1902

Team Roster
Front Row L to R - Tommy Phillips, Jack Marshall, Archie Hooper, Jimmy Gardner

Middle Row L to R - George Smith, Tom Hodge, Dickie Boon, Billy Bellingham, Billy Nicholson, Cecil Blachford

Top Row L to R - H. C. Dewitt (Honorary Secretary/Treasurer), Clarence McKerrow (Manager), Frank A C Bickerdike (Director), Charles C. Chitty (President), George James (Director), Desse Browne (Coach), Paul Lefbvre (Trainer)

The Stanley Cup trustees decided that league champions Ottawa Hockey Club would not play for the Stanley Cup until after the season. If a challenge was ordered by the Cup trustees, the Montreal Hockey Club would defend the Cup. A challenge was ordered by the Trustees and Montreal eventually agreed to play the Winnipeg Victorias in January during regular season play.

Montreal Hockey Club vs. Winnipeg Victorias best-of-three challenge series was held in early 1903.

In game one on January 29, 1903, defending champion Montreal defeated Winnipeg, 8–1.
Game two on January 31, 1903 was the first Stanley Cup challenge match to be replayed. Both teams skated to a 2–2 tie before the game had to be suspended at 27:00 of overtime because of a midnight curfew. It was then decided to discard the result and replay the game two days later. In the rescheduled contest on February 2, 1903, the Victorias won, 4–2, to even the series. However, Montreal won the decisive game three on February 4, 1903, 4–1, to retain the Stanley Cup.

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