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Elmer "Moose" Vasko - Born December 11, 1935 in Duparquet, Quebec – Died October 30, 1998) was a Canadian professional ice Hockey defenceman.

Vasco played his junior Hockey with the St. Catharines TeePees for 2 seasons, winning the Memorial Cup in 1956.

Vasco was signed with the Chicago Black Hawks in 1956. At first, he thought the Chicago fans were booing him as he roared up ice like a battering ram. Instead of booing him the Blackhawks fans were raising their voices in a chorus of "M-o-o-s-e!"

At 6'3" Vasko was a huge man for his time. The Chicago fans likened his up-ice charges to that of a moose. Yet, for his first three seasons in Chicago the stay was not particularly pleasant. The team was in one of the darkest spots in club history. Last place finishes were common and the chances of making the playoffs were bleak. To make matters worse, Vasko could not play to his full capacity. He had to wear a special shoulder harness just to play a shift. After his shoulder surgery in 1959 Vasko improved vastly.

Vasko's improved play coincided with the improvement in the Blackhawks. He was partnered with Pierre Pilote to form one of the toughest defensive tandems in the league. The result was a Stanley Cup victory in 1961.

Five years later, he decided that the thrill had left the game for him and he retired. But as the 1967 expansion approached Minnesota North Stars general manager-coach Wren Blair approached his Chicago counterpart, Tommy Ivan, to get permission to approach Vasko. This time Vasco was ready to return to hockey. He won his fourth All-Star honour in 1969 before finally retiring as a player in 1970.

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