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Winnipeg Maple Leafs / Maple Leaf Hockey Club
Manitoba Professional Hockey League Champions 1908

Team Roster
Barney Holden (captain), Fred Lake, James W. Duggan, G. R. Kendall, Jack Lee, W. J. Field, Harry Kennedy, William Kean, Lorne Campbell, Frank Swietzer, J. A. "Grindy" Forrester, J. Jackson, Stephen Darcy Regan, Hamby Shore, Jack Winchester.

Coach / Trainer - James W. Duggan
Manager - Jack Lee
President - G. R. Kendall

In March 1908, as 1907–08 MPHL champions, the team challenged for the Stanley Cup but lost over two games to the Montreal Wanderers, Mar. 10 at Montreal - Montreal 11 Winnipeg 5
Mar. 12 at Montreal - Montreal 9 Winnipeg 2
Montreal Wanderers defeated Winnipeg Maple Leafs 20 goals to 7.

Tommy Dunderdale, member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, played three games for the team and scored one goal in the 1907–08 season. Joe Hall, also a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, played two games for the club in the 1908–09 season and scored two goals.

The Manitoba Professional Hockey League was founded in 1907. It was a short lived professional league folding in 1909. From this league came the Kenora Thistles, Stanley Cup champions in 1907. The season statistics of the league look confusing since teams often folded part way through a season.

Brandon Wheat Kings (1907-1908)
Kenora Thistles (1907-1908)
Portage-La-Prairie (1907-1908)
Winnipeg Strathconas (1907-1908)
Winnipeg Maple Leafs (1907-1909)
Winnipeg Shamrocks (1908-1909)
Winnipeg Winnipeg's (1908-1909)

The Manitoba Hockey Association (MHA) was an early men's senior ice Hockey league playing around 1900 in Manitoba, Canada. The league started as an elite amateur league in 1892, became professional in 1905, had a professional and an amateur league in 1908–09 and only an amateur league from 1909 until 1923. Two teams from the league have won the Stanley Cup, the Winnipeg Victorias and the Kenora Thistles. Three other teams from the league have challenged for the Stanley Cup: Brandon Wheat Cities, Winnipeg Maple Leafs, and the Winnipeg Rowing Club. Other teams have won the Allan Cup: Winnipeg Hockey Club, Winnipeg Falcons, Winnipeg Monarchs and Winnipeg Victorias.

It also was known as the Manitoba Hockey League and Manitoba Professional Hockey League in following years.

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