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Monarch Hockey Club / Winnipeg Monarchs
Allan Cup Champions 1914
Pattinson Trophy Winners 1914

Team Roster
Dick Irvin, Alex Irvin, Delmar Irvine, Harry Stewart, Fred Maxwell, Stanley Marples, Frank Cadham, Clem Loughlin, Walter Grey, Reg Hay, Eddie Bowie, Eddie Borland

President - Fred P.H. Marples
Secretary - Fred B. Ferguson
Executive - R.A.C. Manning
Executive - Wilfred Argue
Treasurer - Carl Stewart
Trainer - J. M. Law
William McDougall

The defending 1913 Allan Cup champions, Winnipeg Hockey Club, failed to win the Winnipeg Hockey League for the 1913-14 season. With a 6-2-0 record in the Winnipeg league, the Winnipeg Monarchs were given the right to carry the Allan Cup in early 1914.

The Winnipeg Monarchs received a challenge from the Kenora Thistles, Manitoba Hockey League champions. Played in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Monarchs won the 1 game challenge vs Kenora 6-2 on March 11, 1914, and the Winnipeg Monarchs continued as the Allan Cup holders.

The Monarchs then played the Victoria Hockey Club / Winnipeg Victorias in a challenge game on March 13 , 1914, losing 5-4, and the Winnipeg Victorias were awarded the Allan Cup.

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