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John Douglas "Jack" Ruttan - Born April 5, 1889 in Winnipeg, Manitoba - Died January 7, 1973 in Winnipeg, Manitoba was a Canadian Amateur Ice Hockey player and coach.

Ruttan played juvenile Hockey with the Winnipeg Armstrong's Point Hockey team that won the Winnipeg juvenile championship of 1906. He switched to the Rustler club the following season which won the 1907 juvenile championship.

The following season, Ruttan entered St. John's College (known today as the University of Manitoba and its team won the Manitoba University Hockey League championship. Ruttan moved up to senior Hockey in 1909 and played for the Manitoba Varsity Hockey team which won the championship of the Winnipeg Senior Hockey League in 1911.

Ruttan moved on to play for the Winnipeg Hockey Club in 1912, helping them win the 1913 Allan Cup as senior Hockey champions of Canada.

When World War I broke out, Ruttan was a 26-year-old Civil Engineer when he signed his enlistment document as an officer in the 10th Canadian Mounted Rifles CEF in May 1916 at Winnipeg.

Ruttan returned to Canada in 1918, playing one further game for the Winnipeg Somme, but did not continue a competitive Ice Hockey career.

Ruttan remained in Hockey for many years after his playing days had ended. He coached the Winnipeg senior Hockey team during the 1919-20 season and officiated in the Winnipeg Senior League from 1920 through 1922, and then coached the University of Manitoba team for a year in the 1923 / 24 season.

Ruttan recalled later that the Allan Cup win, emblematic of amateur Hockey supremacy, was the greatest thrill of his Hockey career.

J.D. (Jack) Ruttan was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1962.

Jack D. Ruttan is a "Honoured Member" of the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame inducted in 1962.

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