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1936 Winter Olympics Ice Hockey Ticket
Canada vs Great Britain

This game would determine who the Gold Medal winner would be.
Feb. 11, 1936, was Canada’s day of Hockey infamy — and for the first time in Olympic history, the mighty Maple Leaf was on the losing end of a Hockey match, falling 2-1 to a Canadian team wearing the Union Jacks on their chests representing Great Britain.

“The goaltending brilliance of Jimmy Foster, an ex-Canadian playing for England under a cloud of controversy, sent Canada’s Olympic Hockey team down to an amazing 2-1 defeat last night,” read the heart-breaking cable from Canadian Press.

Edgar Brenchley scored late in the third to defeat Canada two to one, and history was made.

“Far superior in every department excepting goal, the Canadian hosts directed an almost incessant barrage on the Old Country net before tumbling to their first defeat in the history of the international winter games.”

Foster was the central villain of the national tragedy, thanks to his brilliance between the pipes.

Had he been playing for Canada, the ’Pegger’s four-shutout Olympic record would have made him a national hero, rather than the Canadian who stole his country’s gold.

To be fair, Foster was born in Glasgow, Scotland — but at the age of six his family moved to Winnipeg, where he grew up to stop pucks with the caliber of a top NHL minder, though he never did play in the big league.

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