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Frederick R. Scanlan (May 5, 1877–November 11, 1950) was a Canadian Amateur Ice Hockey player in the era before professional Ice Hockey.

Scanlan was forward who played for the Montreal Shamrocks and Winnipeg Victorias - Scanlan joined the Shamrocks in 1897-98. The Shamrocks, a team that had originated in 1893 at St. Mary's College, won consecutive Stanley Cup victories in 1898-99 and 1899-1900 after finishing in first place in their league both seasons.

Scanlan remained with the Shamrocks through the 1900-01 season forming one of the great forward lines of the era with Trihey & Farrell.

Scanlan joined the Winnipeg Victorias for the start of the 1901 / 02 season, winning his third Stanley Cup, and scoring the winning goal on January 23, 1902. This series became famous, as the challenger Toronto Wellingtons Chummy Hill scored a goal where the puck split in two, and half the puck went into the net, the goal counted - Scanlan decided to retire after the 1902-03 season. At the close of his career, he was credited with having scored 16 goals in 31 games. He also scored six goals in 17 playoff games.

Scanlan played in the era when forward passing was not allowed; in other words, all passes had to be lateral. The forwards usually advanced up the ice abreast while the rover trailed - Scanlan was known for his great shot and endurance

Fred Scanlan was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1965

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