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Vancouver Millionaires 1922
Vancouver Hockey Club

Team Roster
L to R - Ernie Parkes, Art Duncan, Lloyd Cook, Jack Adams, Lester Patrick, D. Van Vleck, Alf Skinner, Hugh Lehman (goalie), Mickey MacKay, Charlie Tobin, Eddie Oatman.

This was the team that competed for the 1922 Stanley Cup at Arena Gardens in Toronto, losing the 5 games series to Toronto St. Pats 3-2 in games.

Vancouver had defeated the Seattle Metropolitans for the PCHA championship, in a two-game total-goals series 1-0, 1-0 (2-0), then the Regina Capitals of the WCHL in a two-game total-goals series for the right to play the NHL champion. Vancouver won the series 1-2, 4-0 (5-2).

Interesting that Lester Patrick is in this photo, as his team was the Victoria Aristocrats and his brother Frank was coach, manager, president and owner of the Vancouver team.
Maybe Lester was there to make sure his star player Eddie Oatman was in good hands, as the Aristocrats had lent Oatman to the Millionaires for the Stanley Cup final (1 goal).

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