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During the playoff game 7 between New Haven Blades and Syracuse Blazers of the Eastern Hockey League / EHL on March 21, 1972 at Onadaga War Memorial Arena, Blades goalie Jim Armstrong jumped EHL linesman Gordie Heagle after he punched Blades Blaine Rydman in the face to break up a fight between Rydman and Blazers Doug Ferguson.

Armstrong is seen here looking like he is choking Heagle after the punch, while Blazers Blake Ball and Blades Mike DeMarco look on.

In a interview years later, Armstrong said "I didn't intend to get so involved. But when I saw the linesman punching Rydman it left me no choice," said Armstrong, later the Hockey coach at Quinnipiac University. "I never actually hit him, although in some of the pictures it looked as if I did. When I grabbed him he said, ‘Don't hit me,' so I just wrestled him to the ice and held him there.

Armstrong was ejected from the game, and the Blades lost the game/series, while Blazers made it the EHL finals, losing to Charlotte Checkers.

This was the final chapter for the New Haven Blades, one of the most beloved and popular franchises in New Haven history.

Credited to Kirby Kennedy.


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