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Hugh Yelverton "Vert" Russel - Born December 27, 1872 in Montreal, Quebec – Died November 11, 1924 in Vancouver, British Columbia was a ice Hockey forward and defenceman.

Vert probably played in the final Montreal Winter Carnival in 1889 with McGill.

- Cosby Cup Champion 1891, 1892, 1893 with Ottawa Hockey Club.

- Stanley Cup finalist 1894 with Ottawa Hockey Club.
This was the 1st Stanley Cup final playoff game.

Vert was part of early pioneers in ice Hockey, as rules and equipment were formalizing during his playing days. He played vs the sons of Lord Stanley, Algernon, Arthur and Edward and their Rideau Hall Rebels team, on the pond at the Canadian Governor General's Residence in Ottawa ..... probably watched by Lord Stanley, as Vert's teammate Philip Dansken Ross would become a original trustee of the Stanley Cup.

Vert Russel played for McGill College and McGill University from 1888 to 1890 when he joined the Ottawa Hockey Club, playing until 1896.

Russel was captain from 1891 through 1893. His best seasons were in 1893–94 and 1894–95 when in both seasons he scored 10 goals in eight games.

Russel was also a notable Canadian Football (rugby) player with McGill and Ottawa Rough Riders in the Ontario Rugby Football Union.

A draftsman for the Geological Survey of Canada during his time in Ottawa, Hugh Russel served as field assistant to geologists Albert Peter Low and later R.G. McConnell.

McConnell named the Russel Range, a subrange of the Finlay Ranges of the Omineca Mountains, located between Finlay River and Pelly Creek in northern British Columbia, after his assistant.

Vert Russel is noted in ALL Hockey Records as Bert Russel, Bert Russell and Herbert Russell, but his name "Vert" has been confirmed by granddaughter Dorothy Russel in February, 2024.
Vert is part of his middle name Yelverton.


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