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Ottawa Hockey Club
Cosby Cup Champions 1891
Ontario Hockey Association / OHA Champions 1891
Ottawa City Hockey League Champions 1891

Team Roster
Hugh Yelverton "Vert" Russel (captain), Albert Elzear Morel (goaltender), Reginald Richard Bradley, J. Smith, Halder Smith Kirby, Chauncey Thomas Kirby, John "Jack" Kerr, Philip Dansken Ross, Weldon "Weldy" Champness Young

Club President - Frank Maurice Stinson Jenkins

The 1890–91 Ottawa Hockey Club season was the club's sixth season of play. The club would have an outstanding record, winning 13 and losing 1.

The club would play in the Ontario Hockey Association (OHA) in the OHA's first season and would win its championship, the Cosby Cup, against Amateur Hockey Association of Canada (AHAC) teams and against other Ottawa teams.

Game 1on December 30, 1890 - City League vs Ottawa College 11–1 Win
Game 2 on January 14, 1891 - City League vs Ottawa College 3–1 Win
Game 3 on January 17, 1891 - AHAC (exhibition) vs McGill College 3–2 Win
Game 4 on January 31, 1891 - AHAC (exhibition) vs Montreal Victorias 1–0 Win
Game 5 on February 6, 1891 - City League vs Rideau Club 5–0 Win
Game 6 on February 9, 1891 - City League vs Rideau Club 4–0 Win
Game 7 on February 11, 1891 - City League vs Dey's Rink 3–0 Win
Game 8 on February 21, 1891 - AHAC vs Montreal Hockey Club 0–3 Loss
Game 9 on February 26, 1891 - City League vs Ottawa College 3–2 Win
Game 10 on February 28, 1891 - OHA vs Queen's College 4–0 Win
Game 11 on March 7, 1891 - OHA vs Toronto St. George's 5–0 Win
Game 12 on March 14, 1891 - OHA (exhibition) vs Toronto St. George's 4–0 Win
Game 13 on March 14, 1891 - OHA (exhibition) vs Toronto Osgoode Hall 6–2 Win
Game 14 on March 20, 1891 - City League vs Gladstones 4–0 Win


Halder Kirby, Jack Kerr and Frank Jenkins founded The Ottawa Hockey Club in 1883.

Jack Kerr is credited with manufacturing the 1st rubber Hockey puck in Ottawa.

Frank Jenkins would be the 1st Captain of the Ottawa Hockey Club.

Philip Dansken Ross would be appointed by Lord Stanley to be a co-trustee for The Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup / The Stanley Cup - Co-Founder of The Ontario Hockey Association - Captained the McGill football club to victory against Harvard University in the first Canada-U.S. international football game in 1878.

Chauncey Kirby played in the original Stanley Cup Playoff Final in 1894, and scored the contests 1st goal.

Weldy Young later became a member of the Dawson City Nuggets which played against Ottawa in the 1905 Stanley Cup challenge.


The Ottawa Hockey Club wore Hockey sweaters with the logo of a Triskelion.
A triskelion is the symbol of the Isle of Man, Brittany, where James Stanley, 10th Earl of Derby was a ruler.
As Christianity came into the forefront in Ireland before the 5th century, AD, the triskele took on new meaning, as a symbol of the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, therefore, also a symbol of eternity. Its popularity continues today as a decorative symbol of faith for Christians of Celtic descent around the world.

Original photo at Archives Canada - This Image Superbly Colourized by Canadian Colour.

Sourced from Credited to William James Topley.


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