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Chauncey Thomas Kirby - Born October 15, 1871 in Ottawa, Ontario – Died October 23, 1950 in Ottawa, Ontario was a Canadian ice Hockey player.

Kirby was a member of the three-time Ottawa Hockey Club champions from 1891 to 1893.

Kirby played in the original Stanley Cup playoff Final in 1894, where Kirby scored the very 1st goal in Stanley Cup history, in the original Stanley Cup playoff Final on March 22, 1894 at the Victoria Rink in Montreal, Quebec. Kirby of Ottawa would score 1st, and then the defending champions Montreal Hockey Club would score 3 straight goals to win the Stanley Cup.

His brother Halder also played for the club. Kirby was part of two Stanley Cups with Ottawa Silver Sevens in 1903 and 1904 as a Director.

Chauncey Kirby joined the Ottawa HC in 1890 and played six seasons for the club, and was elected captain for the 1895–96 season.

Kirby played again for the club in 1898-99 before retiring.

Kirby became a referee after retiring. He would be the referee of record for the 1908 Stanley Cup challenge between the Winnipeg Maple Leafs and the Montreal Wanderers.


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