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Weldon (Weldy) Champness Young - Born October 4, 1871 in Ottawa, Ontario – Died October 27, 1944 in Collingwood, Ontario was a Canadian businessman and Hockey player and coach.

Young was an ice Hockey player for the Ottawa Hockey Club, playing in its founding years in the 1880s and in the 1890s, and played for the team until 1899.

His brother George Young was one of the original Ottawa players and the two played together for the Ottawa Hockey Club from 1889–1891.

Young was said to be a terrific skater and puck rusher. But he was also zestful for the physical game, hitting opponents with passion and crushing hits, and he was not well liked. He was said to be a mean-spirited grump "with a permanent scowl on his face."

One night at Dey's rink in 1895, Young ran right up into the crowd - his own fans, and smacked some load mouth that had been taunting him during the game. Young was always leading the charge in the brawls that Ottawa had over Quebec teams, and once got charged with "Brutality" during a game in Quebec.

Young moved out West, finding work in Dawson, Yukon Territory during the Gold Rush. He was recruited by the Dawson City Nuggets team which challenged the Ottawa Silver Seven for the Stanley Cup in 1905, although he was unable to participate due to his duties, and at the time a federal election was being held. Young had to oversee the election.

Young also found work as a referee in the Temiskaming League after retiring as a player.

When the National Hockey Association (NHA) was holding merger talks with the Canadian Hockey Association, Young was the representative of the Haileybury club, although the club was owned by Ambrose O'Brien.

Young joined the mining business in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. By 1911, he was back east in Haileybury, Ontario during the "silver rush" in the area and he became an investor in several mines. Young later became the president of Young-Davidson Mines, Weldon Coal Mines and vice-president of Matachewan-Hub Pioneer Mines Limited


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