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Allan Cameron joined The Montreal Amateur Athletic Association / Montreal AAA / Montreal Hockey Club in 1887. Cameron was the most complete player of the late 1880s and early 1890s. Cameron was a master at the 2 way game, and excelled in his transition game, along with being a very aggressive Cover-Point (Defenceman). The Cover-Point position was made for dynamic, all-around players. It involved not only being the first line of defence against the opponent's rushes, but also being an important part of the transition between defence and offence

HERE ARE NEWSPAPER REPORTS ABOUT ALLAN CAMERON'S PLAY - McQuisten got it and tried to carry it past Cameron, who was a strong tower in himself, and sent it back again. (Montreal Gazette, 14 Jan 1888) - Kinghorn ran it well up, but Cameron came to the rescue and relieved the pressure. Kinghorn again got it, but his career was short as Cameron stopped him. (Montreal Gazette, 4 Feb 1888) - Cameron was feeding his forwards grandly. (Montreal Gazette, 4 Feb 1888) - Play had hardly commenced when the two cover point men [Cameron and the Vics' Jack Campbell] began the magnificent work that characterized their play all through the match. (Montreal Gazette, 28 Feb 1888) - Allan Cameron, of the M.A.A.A. team, had his eye closed in the fourth game, but pluckily went on for the fifth. (Montreal Herald, 4 Feb 1889) - Cameron, by a pretty shot, added another point for the M.A.A.A. team. (Montreal Herald, 18 Jan 1890) - The spectators were very often raised to a high pitch of enthusiasm through the dashing play of Campbell, who certainly played a magnificent game. Cameron, somehow or other, managed to get in his road and interrupt him when he appeared to be dangerous. (Montreal Herald, 20 Feb 1890) - Paton had many stops to make, nevertheless, but they were of the free and easy order and he cleverly drove the puck out of his territory. Stewart and Cameron swooped around after the puck in admirable style. (Montreal Gazette, 8 Mar 1892) - Cameron played a beautiful game and owing in great part to the lack of combination among his opponents, scarcely one of them ever got past him. If they did they were almost sure to be stopped by Paton. (Montreal Gazette, 30 Jan 1893) - At last the puck was raised up the rink by Watson, but Stewart and Cameron were hard men to pass. (Montreal Gazette, 11 Feb 1893)

Allan Cameron was also Team Captain of the Montreal AAA.

Cameron, who is pictured here, is wearing his Victoria Skating Club medal for winning the 1888 AHAC championship at Victoria Arena, and his 1889 AHAC Championship medal

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