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U.S.A. Olympic Ice Hockey Team Autographs 1936

Top to Bottom
- Frank Stubbs Autograph (Frank Raymond Stubbs Jr.)
- Paul Rowe Autograph (Paul Edward Rowe)
- Frank J. Spain Autograph (Francis Jones "Frank" Spain) Team captain.
- Fred Kammer Jr. Autograph (August Frederick "Fred" Kammer)
- Thomas H. Moone Autograph (Thomas Henry Moone)
- Elbridge Ross Autograph (Elbridge Baker "Ed" Ross Jr.)
- Phil LaBatte Autograph (Phillip William "Phil" LaBatte)
- Malcolm McAlpin Autograph
- Gordon Smith Autograph
- John C. Lax Autograph (John Charles "Johnny" Lax)
- Frank Shaughnessy Autograph (Francis John "Frank" Shaughnessy Jr.)
- John Garrison Autograph (John Bright Garrison)
- Walter Brown Mgr. Autograph (Walter A. Brown)

NOTE - Autographs / Signatures were obtained during a exhibition game between the USA Team and the Wembley All-Stars, played at Empire Pool and Sports Arena (Wembley Arena) on January 16, 1936, prior to the Olympic Games.

USA was the Bronze Medal winners at the 1936 Winter Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

February 6 - USA 1 vs Germany 0
February 7 - USA 3 vs Switzerland 0
February 8 - USA 1 vs Italy 2

Second Round
February 11 - USA 2 vs Czechoslovakia 0
February 12 - USA 1 vs Austria 0
February 13 - USA 2 vs Sweden 1

Final Round
February 15 - USA 0 vs Great Britain 0
February 16 - USA 0 vs Canada 1

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