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Newspaper photo of Carol William "Cully" Wilson (June 5, 1892 – July 7, 1962) with the 1926–27 Chicago Black Hawks.

Cully Wilson was a member of the inaugural Chicago Black Hawks team in the 1926–27 season, a team that was coached by Pete Muldoon, Wilson's former coach with the Seattle Metropolitans. Wilson, 34 years old at the time of his arrival in Chicago, scored 8 goals and 12 points for the Black Hawks in 39 games in his only season with the club.

Wilson was a member of two non-NHL Stanley Cup winning teams, in 1914 with the Toronto Blueshirts of the National Hockey Association, and in 1917 with the Seattle Metropolitans of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association.

Cully Wilson was originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba and of Icelandic heritage. His birth name was Karl Erlendson.

On the ice Wilson had a playing style resembling a modern day "pest", which is a player who plays rough and tumble and gets under the opponents skin while also being able to score. He led three different leagues in penalty minutes in three separate seasons: in 1914–15 in the NHA with the Toronto Blueshirts, in 1918–19 in the PCHA with the Seattle Metropolitans, and in 1919–20 in the NHL with the Toronto St. Patricks. Wilson got effectively thrown out of the PCHA by league president Frank Patrick after the 1918–19 season after he broke the jaw of Vancouver Millionaires player Mickey MacKay with a vicious cross check.

In the NHL Wilson represented the Toronto St. Patricks, the Montreal Canadiens, the Hamilton Tigers and the Chicago Blacks Hawks. He also played in the Western Canada Hockey League with the Calgary Tigers and appeared in the 1924 Stanley Cup finals with that club against the Montreal Canadiens.

Sourced from Chicago Daily Tribune, Dec. 9, 1926, p. 19. Credited to Unknown.


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