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Robert J. "Bob" Wall of the Brooklyn Crescents of the American Amateur Hockey League.

Bob Wall [1872–1931] was originally from Montreal and played with the Brooklyn Skating Club and the Brooklyn Crescents of the AmAHL between 1897–98 and 1911–12, first as a forward and later on as a cover point. Before he joined the AmAHL Wall played with the Montreal Shamrocks of the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada [AHAC].

Bob Wall was a brother of cover point Frank Wall who won two Stanley Cups with the Montreal Shamrocks in 1899 & 1900. Another brother, Nick Wall, also represented the Shamrocks.

Bob Wall was a big player for his era, standing at 6 feet and 1 inch, and weighing about 180 pounds. But despite his tall stature he was quite swift and speedy on his skates. He was also a prominent lacrosse player, both in Montreal with the Shamrocks and in Brooklyn with the Crescent Athletic Club.

Sourced from Spalding's Official Ice Hockey Guide, 1907. Credited to Unknown.


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