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Douglas Norman "Doug" Harvey - BornDecember 19, 1924 in Montreal, Quebec – Died December 26, 1989 in Montreal, Quebec was a Canadian professional Hockey player.

Harvey won the James Norris Memorial Trophy as the league's top defenceman on seven occasions

Harvey became an outspoken critic of the Hockey establishment who "owned" players for life. In Harvey’s day, players were paid a pittance compared to the millions being earned by the team owners. A superstar such as Harvey, who today would be paid millions, was earning less than $30,000 a season at the peak of his career while playing every game in front of sell-out crowds.

Harvey was one of the first to help organize the players association which so infuriated the Canadiens’ owners that in 1961 they traded him to the then lowly New York Rangers. One of the individuals secretly blacklisted by the league owners, Harvey responded by winning still another Norris Trophy as a Ranger.

The first NHLPA was formed in 1957 by Hockey players Ted Lindsay of the Detroit Red Wings and Doug Harvey of the Montreal Canadiens after the league had refused to release pension plan financial information. The owners broke the union by trading players involved with the organization or sending them to the minor leagues. After an out-of-court settlement over several players' issues, the players disbanded the organization.

Harvey remained with New York until 1963. Harvey served as player-coach during his first season in New York but was never entirely comfortable with this dual role.

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