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Montreal Canadiens
Stanley Cup Champions 1916
National Hockey Association / NHA Champions 1916

Team Roster
1 - George Kennedy (George Washington Kendall), 2 - Bertram Orian Corbeau, 3 - Edouard Newsy Lalonde, 4 - Howard Dennis McNamara, 5 - Samuel George 'Goldie' Prodgers, 6 - Louis Dieudonné Berlinguette, 7 - S. Newsworthy, 8 - Joseph George Didier Pitre, 9 - John 'Jack' Laviolette, 10 - Joseph Hermas 'Amos' Arbour, 11 - Mascot, 12 - Joseph Georges Gonzague Vézina, 13 - Erskine Rockcliffe Ronan, 14 - George Vincent 'Skinner' Poulin

Manager - George Kennedy
Secretary - Napolean Dorval
Trainer - S. Newsworthy
Assistant Trainer - Aldrie Guiment

The 1916 Stanley Cup Final was played between the National Hockey Association (NHA) champion Montreal Canadiens and the Pacific Coast Hockey Association (PCHA) champion Portland Rosebuds. This was the first time that a best-of-five Cup championship went the distance. Also, the Rosebuds were the first team based in the United States to play for the Stanley Cup. The Canadiens defeated the Rosebuds three games to two in the best-of-five game series.

Goldie Prodgers would score the Stanley Cup winning goal at 16:45 of the 3rd period, in a tight 2 to 1 victory for the Canadiens.

This would be the first Stanley Cup championship for the Montreal Canadiens.

All 5 games were played at the Montreal Arena (Westmount Arena).

The name Club Athletique Canadien would not be used again after this season.

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about 7 years ago

I'm pretty sure that Amos Arbour and Howard McNamara are incorrectly identified in this picture. At a glance I identified #10 as my great, great...(?) uncle. I was surprised to see him named as McNamara so took a closer look. #4 definitely looks more like McNamara and #10 looks exactly like Arbour. What source was used to find the names? Thanks.

about 7 years ago

The image has been corrected - Amos Arbour is now #10, and Howard McNamara is now #4


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