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The game of February 12, 1898, between Ottawa and the Victorias was notable because Fred Chittick, the regular goalkeeper of Ottawa staged a one-man strike because he had not received his share of complimentary tickets. Ottawa played A. Cope instead and lost 9–5. The fans in attendance heckled the defence pair of Harvey Pulford and Weldy Young, and in response Mr. Young went into the crowd to attack a spectator.

The 1898 Amateur Hockey Association of Canada season was the twelfth and final season of the league. Each team played 8 games, and Montreal Victorias were again first with an 8–0 record, to retain the Stanley Cup. This was their fourth-straight league championship. The league would dissolve prior to the next season.

The Rideau Skating Rink was an indoor skating and curling facility located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Consisting of a curling rink and a skating rink, it was one of the first indoor rinks in Canada.

Lord Stanley participated in its formal opening festivities on February 1, 1889.

The rink is known to have been used in Amateur Hockey Association of Canada men's play by the Ottawa Hockey Club from 1889 until 1895. The club also returned to it for one season in 1898. The Ottawa City Hockey League held matches at the rink. The Ottawa College also used the rink.

It was the site of the first recorded organized women's ice Hockey game on March 8, 1889. It was also the site of the first Ontario men's ice Hockey championship game on March 7, 1891.

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