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Halifax Crescents - Starr Manufacturing Trophy Champions - 1898 - Halifax City Hockey League / Halifax Hockey League

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almost 10 years ago

The trophy is the Starr Manufacturing Trophy, not the Crosby Cup. The Crosby Cup, a similar looking trophy, was donated later to the Maritime Profession League, about 1912 - about 14 years later than this photo. The team in this photo is the Halifax Crescents, the winner of the Halifax Hockey (Association) League. The Starr Trophy was a "local" trophy at this time - not a provincial trophy. (Starting in 1905, the Starr Trophy was presented to the Maritime Champion.)

almost 10 years ago

Thank You member carterdf. The changes have been made to this Historic Hockey image. You are right about the 2 trophies looking similar. Please look at some of our other Historic Hockey images from Nova Scotia, as there may be other changes needed too :-)

almost 10 years ago

Further to my comments about another trophy called the Crosby Cup, there seems to be another prize: the Cruise Trophy. It looks very similar to the Crosby (but not the Starr) and appears on the Nova Scotia scene before the Crosby.

(Search HockeyGods images for a Glace Bay photo of 1905-06. That's the Cruise Trophy, apparently not the Crosby Cup and certainly not the Starr!) The hockey player figures on Cruise bottom face out, while Crosby face in. Confusing. I have more work to do...


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