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Halifax Crescents - Starr Manufacturing Trophy Champions - 1898 - Halifax City Hockey League / Halifax Hockey League

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over 9 years ago

The trophy is the Starr Manufacturing Trophy, not the Crosby Cup. The Crosby Cup, a similar looking trophy, was donated later to the Maritime Profession League, about 1912 - about 14 years later than this photo. The team in this photo is the Halifax Crescents, the winner of the Halifax Hockey (Association) League. The Starr Trophy was a "local" trophy at this time - not a provincial trophy. (Starting in 1905, the Starr Trophy was presented to the Maritime Champion.)

over 9 years ago

Thank You member carterdf. The changes have been made to this Historic Hockey image. You are right about the 2 trophies looking similar. Please look at some of our other Historic Hockey images from Nova Scotia, as there may be other changes needed too :-)

over 9 years ago

Further to my comments about another trophy called the Crosby Cup, there seems to be another prize: the Cruise Trophy. It looks very similar to the Crosby (but not the Starr) and appears on the Nova Scotia scene before the Crosby.

(Search HockeyGods images for a Glace Bay photo of 1905-06. That's the Cruise Trophy, apparently not the Crosby Cup and certainly not the Starr!) The hockey player figures on Cruise bottom face out, while Crosby face in. Confusing. I have more work to do...


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