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Northampton Hockey Trophy / Northampton Cup 1897 and 1898

The Baltimore Hockey League played for the Northampton Hockey Trophy.

The front panel features applied crossed Hockey sticks, puck, and ice skates of exacting detail and craftsmanship.

The trophy is made of sterling silver and was crafted and stamped on the bottom by the Baltimore silversmiths "Sterling" by "Hennegen, Bates, & Co."

Engraved on the front of the trophy.
Northampton Hockey Trophy
Presented by J. L. Filon

Engraved on the back of the trophy.
Won in '96. '97. by U. of MD. Hockey Team
M.Morris Whitehurst Capt.. J.Herbert Whitehurst

Won in '97. '98. by U. of MD. Hockey Team
M.Morris Whitehurst Capt. J.Herbert Whitehurst

The Northhampton Hockey Trophy is believed to be the oldest known Ice Hockey Trophy in the United States of America / USA.

The Northhampton Cup as it was known, was first awarded on March 22, 1897 to the University of Maryland, being playoff champions of the Baltimore Hockey League.

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