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Montreal Victorias
Victoria Hockey Club of Montreal

- Stanley Cup Champions 1898
Amateur Hockey Association of Canada

Team Roster
Standing L to R - Frank Richardson (goalie), Mike Grant, Watson Jack (honorary president), Hartland MacDougall, Geordie / Gordon Lewis (goalie).

Sitting - Frank Howard Wilson (honorary vice-president), Robert MacDougall, Graham Drinkwater, P.M. Desterneck / De Sterneck (president), Cam Davidson, Ernie McLea, J.S. Bishop (honorary secretary treasurer).

The 1898 Amateur Hockey Association of Canada season was the twelfth and final season of the AHAC league. Each team played 8 games, and Montreal Victorias were again first with an 8–0 record, to retain the Stanley Cup.

Cam Davidson would lead the AHAC in scoring with 14 goals in 7 games.

The Victorias played one Stanley Cup challenge match vs the Ottawa Capitals at Victoria Rink before the 1898 AHAC season would begin. Originally a best of 3 series scheduled, the Victorias hammered the Capitals 15-2 on December 27, 1897 and Ottawa would withdraw it's challenge for the remaining games.

The Victorias were also Amateur Hockey Association of Canada / AHAC Senior Championship Trophy Winners 1898, their their 4th straight league championship.

The AHAC league would dissolve prior to the next season.

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