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Ottawa Senators / Ottawa Hockey Club
Stanley Cup Champions 1911

Team Roster
John Proctor Darragh, Charles Bruce Stuart, Martin J. Walsh, David Bruce Ridpath, Albert Daniel "Dubbie" Kerr, Horace Joseph Gaul, Alex John Currie, Samuel Hamilton Shore, Fred Edgar Lake, Percy St. Helier LeSueur

Coach - Pete Green
Trainer - Mac McGilton
President - Thomas D'Arcy McGee
Vice President - Llewellyn Bates

The 1910–11 NHA season was the second season of the now defunct National Hockey Association.

This was the year the NHA games were changed from two periods of 30 minutes, to three periods of twenty minutes, with ten minute rest periods.

The Spalding Hockey puck was adopted as the standard puck.

The Ottawa Hockey Club won the league championship. Ottawa took over the Stanley Cup from the Montreal Wanderers and defended it against teams from Galt, Ontario - Galt Professional Hockey Club on March 13, 1911, with a score of 7 to 4 for the Senators, Marty Walsh scores a Hat Trick in the win, and Port Arthur, Ontario - The Port Arthur Seniors on March March 16, 1911, with a score of 13 to 4 for the Stanley Cup Champion, Ottawa Senators. Marty Walsh scores 10 goals in the game.

After the season, The Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Wanderers played a 2 game exhibition series in Boston on March 22, 1911 and March 25, 1911. These 2 games would be the 1st Profession Ice Hockey games being played in Boston history. Ottawa had picked up Cyclone Taylor from Renfrew to play in the Boston exhibition games

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