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Cecil Henry "Babe" Dye - Born May 13, 1898 in Hamilton, Ontario – Died January 3, 1962 in Chicago, Illinois was a Canadian ice Hockey right winger and coach.

Dye made his NHL debut with the newly named Toronto St. Patricks on December 23, 1919 vs the Ottawa Senators at The Arena in a 3-0 Ottawa win.

Dye scored his 1st NHL goal vs Frank Brophy of the Quebec Bulldogs on December 27, 1919 at 12:00 of the 1st period at Arena Gardens in a 6-4 Toronto win.

Dye was loaned to the Hamilton Tigers in December, 1920 where he played just 1 game for them scoring the 1st goal in Tigers history vs Georges Vézina of the Montreal Canadians at 12:30 of the 1st period on December 22, 1920 at Barton Street Arena in a 5-0 Hamiliton win.

Dye returned to the St. Pats on Christmas Day, 1920 where he scored the winning goal vs Vézina of the Montreal Canadians at Mutual Street Arena in a 5-4 Toronto win.

- O'Brien Trophy Champion 1922 with Toronto St. Pats as NHL playoff champions
- Stanley Cup Champion 1922 with Toronto St. Pats
Dye scored the Stanley Cup winning goal vs Vancouver Millionaires on March 28th. He scored 4 goals in the final game.
Dye also scored the game winner in OT in game 2, which tied the series.

Dye scored 9 goals in the 1922 Stanley Cup finals, which is a NHL record that still stands.

Dye led the NHL in goals three times ..... 35 goals in 1920-21, 27 goals in 1922-23 and 38 goals in 1924-25, tied for the lead with 31 goals in 1921-22 and was second in 1923-24. He also led the NHL in points in 1922-23 and 1924-25.

Dye's 38 goals in 1924-25 were a Toronto record until Frank Mahovlich scored 48 in 1960-61, when the schedule had grown to 70 games.

Dye was known for his very hard shot and accuracy. His shots were capable of snapping a two-inch thick plank, and Jack Adams recalled seeing several of Dye's drives punch clean through the back-rests of arena seats and even through the 1/8-inch thick wire mesh used as crowd protection at Toronto's Arena Gardens. Opposing defencemen would attempt to knock down long shots made by Dye from centre ice, only to find out in dismay that their sticks had been shattered in two.

Dye coached the Chicago Shamrocks in 1931-32, winning the American Hockey Association / AHA championship. He was actually fired just before the championship-winning game because he hadn't prevented the team captain from going to Toronto to get married between games of the championship series. Dye said the player was determined to go and there was nothing he could do about it. The Shamrocks ended up folding before the next season began

Cecil "Babe" Dye was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1970.

Babe Dye also played professional baseball with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Buffalo Bisons, and the Baltimore Orioles of the International League. He also was a halfback for the Toronto Argonauts, a Canadian football team


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