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Frederic Earl Christy - Born 1882 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Died 1961 in Freeport, New York.

Christy was a American Illustrator in the mediums of gouache, oil, pastels, and watercolors, and studied commercial art at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, graduating in 1907.

Christy developed a collection of “College Girl” postcards that are have popular with collectors. The first cards in this series were published by the U.S.Postcard Company in 1905.

Christy later became well known for his work doing female portraits and full bodied illustrations of mature men and women, movie stars and political figures, still romantically idealized. He was even known to paint a couple in love or a handsome gentleman on his own occasionally.

Christy was introduced to many American households by illustrating magazine covers including examples for Saturday Evening Post, Vogue, American Magazine, the Sunday Magazine of the New York Times, Collier's, Modern Screen, and Photoplay Magazine among a number of other publications. He also created illustrations for many calendar prints, ink blotters, fans, sheet music, jigsaw puzzles, advertising posters, and counter advertising stands.

Christy later created art for collectible plates, mugs and even linens.


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