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Winnipeg Victorias
Winnipeg Hockey Club
Victoria Hockey Club of Winnipeg

- Pattinson Trophy Champions 1912
- Allan Cup Champions 1912

Team Roster
Front Row L to R - Basil Baker (goalie), Francis Caldwell, J.D. Pratt, Les Moffat (captain), Dan Bain, Hammy Baker, Harold Fowler.

Middle Row - Charlie Belcher, Dicky Wickson, Fred Bawlf, Coo Dion, H. Sullivan (trainer).

Top Row - Billy Bawlf, C.W. Nash, C.C. Robinson, G.H. Stead.

Winnipeg Amateur Hockey League champions 1911-12 (Pattinson Trophy) vs Winnipeg Varsity and Winnipeg Monarchs, then awarded the Allan Cup and defended the Allan Cup in three challenges. The Victorias defeated the Calgary Athletic Club by 11–0 and 8–6 scores in a two-game series, defeated Toronto Eaton's by 8–4 and 16–1 scores in a two-game series, and the Regina Capitals by a 9–3 score in a one-game challenge.

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