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Ottawa Hockey Club / Ottawa Senators / Ottawa Silver Seven
Stanley Cup Champions 1905

Team Roster
L to R - Dave Finnie, Harry Westwick, Mac McGilton (trainer), Harvey Pulford, Billy Gilmour, Alf Smith (captain), Frank McGee, Arthur Moore.

The 1904-05 Hockey Season was a interesting one, as Ottawa had left the Canadian Amateur Hockey League / CAHL as Stanley Cup holders, joining the new Federal Amateur Hockey League / FAHL.

The CAHL would play 1 final season in 1905 with some of the strongest teams at that time - Montreal HC, Montreal Le National, Montreal Shamrocks, Montreal Victorias, Montreal Westmount and Quebec HC.

The Ottawa team seen here, had left the CAHL over a dispute regarding a league game with Montreal Victorias on January 30, 1904.

They had no league to play in, and the Stanley Cup trustees allowed Ottawa to keep and then defend the Stanley Cup in 3 separate challenges during 1904 vs Toronto Marlboros, Montreal Wanderers and Brandon Wheat City in which Ottawa retained the Stanley Cup in each series.

Ottawa had now joined the FAHL and in October 1904 excepted the first challenge from a team based in the Yukon on the West Coast of Canada. In what is regarded as the Most Famous Stanley Cup Challenge ever. The Dawson City Nuggets had to travel over 6400 kilometers via dog sled, train, steamship and possibly auto in the cities. They left Dawson City on December 18, 1904 arriving in Ottawa on January 11, 1905. 1st game was scheduled to start January 13, then 16th for second game.

Tired from the travel and with limited training for the 2 game series with Ottawa, the Dawson City Nuggets asked for a extra day before they play, which was denied by Ottawa, who won both games of the series, setting Stanley Cup records that still stand today.

The Silver Seven as they were now known, won the 1905 FAHL championship, allowing the to keep the Stanley Cup, then accept another 3 game challenge series from the Rat Portage Thistles. Ottawa won the series 2-1.

The Silver Seven would finally lose possession of the Stanley Cup in a 2 game series with the Montreal Wanderers in March, 2006.

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