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Minnesota Fighting Saints 1975
World Hockey Association / WHA

Sheet Roster 1
Top Row L to R - Henry Boucha, John Arbour, Bruce Boudreau, John McKenzie, Jack Carlson.

2nd Row - Steve Carlson, Jeff Carlson, Paul Holmgren, Fran Huck,
François Ouimet.

Bottom Row - John Garrett, Wayne Belisle, Glen Sonmor (manager), Harry Neale (coach), Jack McCartan (assistant coach).

In 1975–76, the Saints had a record of 30–25–4 and were second in the West behind the Houston Aeros when they ceased operations because of financial struggles. Saints officials announced on December 31, 1975, that the team was broke, and the players would continue to play without pay. (Belisle's group withdrew its backing at the start of the season.) A permanent buyer was never found, and the players received one paycheck in the final two months.

Slap Shot Movie 1977 History.
The real-life inspirations for the Hanson Brothers are Jeff Carlson, Jack Carlson, and Steve Carlson. The brothers were all born in Virginia, Minnesota..

Jack Carlson was unable to act in the film as the Edmonton Oilers called him up for the WHA playoffs. In his place, Dave Hanson from Cumberland, Wisconsin) fulfilled the role.

All three played for the Johnstown Jets team Nancy Dowd wrote about. The character "Killer Carlson", is based on Dave Hanson who was nicknamed "Killer" Hanson. Ironically, later in his pro days, Jack Carlson, the man Dave "played" in the movie, was often referred to as "Killer".

Dave Hanson actually had the the second longest career in the WHA and NHL out of three 'Hanson Brothers" in the film. Playing 136 games combined in the WHA/NHL to Jeff Carlson's 7 WHA games.


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