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Phoenix Hockey Team
British Columbia

Team Roster
Front Row L to R - W. Pyper, Edmund Blundell, R. Elmgren, G.A. Swedberg.

Back Row - Theo. McCammon, R.P. Bassett, E. Stanaway, V.T. Mastberg, W. Almstrom

- McBride Cup Champions 1918
- Boundary Cup Champions 1918

In 1911, Phoenix’s Hockey team won the provincial championship and asked for the right to compete for the Stanley Cup, but it was too late to qualify.

Phoenix is now a ghost town in the Boundary Country of British Columbia, Canada, 11 km east of Greenwood. Once called the “highest city in Canada” by its citizens (1,412 metres / 4,633 feet above sea level) it was a booming copper mining community from the late 1890s until 1919. In its heyday it was home to 1,000 citizens and had an opera house, twenty hotels, a brewery and its own city hall. Phoenix’s magistrate, Judge Willie Williams, who served there from 1897 until 1913, became famous for his booming declaration, “I am the highest judge, in the highest court, in the highest city in Canada.”

Coal was eventually found directly underneath the abandoned city. The entire place was razed, and an open pit mine was replaced it. Today, that pit of a mine is all that is left where Phoenix, B.C. once stood.


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