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Antique Puck - Regulation / Extra Quality / The Canadian Rubber of Montreal Limited.

Founded in 1854 in Montreal by William Brown, Ashley Hibbard and Georges Bourn, three Montreal businessmen, the Canadian Rubber Co. was the first rubber company in Canada.

The original company was named for its founders: Brown, Hibbard and Bourne. Twelve years later, in 1866, it was registered as the Canadian Rubber Company of Montreal Limited, and its products were mainly rubber footwear, waterproofed cloth and transmission belts. This small company prospered, and early in the century together with a number of other rubber companies in Quebec and Ontario became the Canadian Consolidated Rubber Company Limited.

Its policy was ambitious as witness its advertising slogan "everything in rubber" which seemed no exaggeration in that day. In 1906 the first set of "Canadian" clincher plain tread tires was made in the Montreal factory. In 1926 several competitive factories were acquired, the name of the company was changed to Dominion Rubber Company Limited, which then and since has ranked among the largest rubber industries in the British Empire.

Although rubber was invented in 1839, it wasn't until the late 1880s that someone thought of making rubber pucks.

The Victoria Hockey Club of Montreal is credited with making and using the first round pucks in the 1880s

The Canadian Museum of History had a exhibition for Hockey in 2017, displaying this type of puck, and they dated it around 1900.

This puck sold on Ebay October 30, 2022 for $482.77 Canadian.


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