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Gerald Charles "Gerry" Lowrey - Born February 14, 1905 in Ottawa, Ontario – Died October 20, 1979 in Ottawa, Ontario was a Canadian ice Hockey left winger and coach.

- Canadian Professional Hockey League / Can-Pro Champion 1927 with London Tecumsehs / London Panthers.

1st NHL game on January 12, 1928 playing for Toronto Maple Leafs vs Detroit Cougars at Detroit Olympia in a 2-1 Maple Leafs win.

1st NHL goal on January 28, 1928 vs Charlie Gardiner of the Chicago Black Hawks at 19:00 of the 3rd in a 4-1 Toronto win at Arena Gardens.

Scored final goal of NHL Philadelphia Quakers history at Montreal Forum on March 21, 1931 vs George Hainsworth when the Quakers and Canadiens played to a 4-4 OT tie.


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