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Mapuche Indians / People of Chile playing the game of Ciueca (La Chueca) or Palín, a field Hockey-like game with curved wooden sticks and a large ball.

Handcoloured Aquatint engraved copperplate on move paper by Fumagalli.

From Giulio Ferrario's work - Le Costume Ancien et Moderne ou Histoire du gouvernement, de la milice, de la religion, des arts, sciences et usages de tous les peuples anciens et modernes d'après les monuments de l'antiquité et accompagné de dessins analogues au sujet par le Docteur Jules Ferrario."

Published in Milan, Italy by the author between 1816 and 1827.

Chueca / Palín INFORMATION
The playing sticks are known as wiño are used, and made of native wood, with a natural curvature. The ball is called pali or fungul, and made of wood / bark or leather with a wool center, tightly packed.

5 to 15 players aside, and play on a field approximately 200 long by 12 meters wide. The center of the playing field is marked by a hole from where the ball / pali is hit by the stick / wiño and sent to the side. Players then compete to carry the ball on the stick and /or pass the ball in the air to each other. The game is also played on the ground too, like field Hockey.

There is a line or goal line the players try to maneuver the ball at ground level or in height with the ball to score a point (tripal). Whichever team scores 4 straight points, wins the contest.

There is a feast after the tournament, as the players will share a meal together. Playing these games are a way to strengthen the relationship between the communities.

Sourced from President's Collection.


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