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Waldamar Joseph "Walter" Rooney - Born February 13, 1888 in Quebec City, Quebec – Died April 9, 1965 in Quebec City, Quebec was a professional Ice Hockey player centre for the Quebec Bulldogs.

Rooney helped Quebec win the Stanley Cup in 1912. Rooney scored a goal in the 1912 Stanley Cup final, the only goal he ever scored.

In 1913, Rooney was dressed for Quebec as a spare, but did not play any games. However, he was featured on the Stanley Cup winning picture with the rest of the Bulldogs team.

Rooney also played for the Quebec St. Pats from 1913 to 1916.

Rooney also studied at McGill University, where he played Hockey, making it one of the few college players to have first won the Stanley Cup. If you go through the Arena Macdonald McGill, there is an exhibition of showcases, we find his name on a line as captain.

Rooney was a dentist for the Canadian Army - Lt. Col. Dr. Walter Joseph Rooney

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