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Queen's University Hockey Team
Allan Cup Champions 1910
Queen's Cup Champions 1910
Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union / Intercollegiate Hockey Union

Team Roster
Gordon Lothian "Curly" Campbell, Gregory Angus George, Albert Victor Gilbert, Vernon William "Buck" Crawford, William Dobson, Elmer Lorne Pennock and William Basil George

Coach - Jock Harty
School Principal - The Rev Daniel Miner Gordon
President - R E MacLaughlin

The 1910 Allan Cup title was held by Queen's Golden Gaels and the Toronto St. Michael's Majors. Queen's won its league and a challenge from the Ottawa Cliffsides, before losing a second challenge to Toronto St. Michael's Majors, losing 5 to 4.

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over 6 years ago

I am looking for information and I'm hoping someone might be able to assist. I am in possession of a karat gold 1910 Allan Cup locket with sterling silver bow attached to it. Engraved on the locket is WINTER COLLEGIATE DEFENDERS OF 1910 ALLAN CUP CHAMPIONS and on the back: CROSSED HOCKEY STICKS WITH PUCK and L.V. TRIMBLE engraved. This is related to Jack Adams of the red wings. His wife was Helen Trimble. Does anyone know who L.V. Trimble was as he doesn't seem to be a player?

over 4 years ago


Interesting information. L. V. Trimble could actually be a player. The January 9 issue of the Edmonton Journal mentions a player named Trimble, as a player on the Edmonton YMCA team, and that he captained the Queen's University team the previous season. That would be in the 1911–12 season. He could very well have played also on the 1909–10 team that won the Allan Cup. I will look into it further.


over 4 years ago

He was from Napanee, Ontario and played with the Edmonton Dominions in 1912–13. He studied at Queen's University School of Mining.

over 4 years ago

Leo Trimble it is. Will post separate.

over 4 years ago

Thank you very much St Louis Hodgson. I really appreciate you looking into this. It must have been the brother or cousin of Jack Adams wife for it be part of their Estate.

over 4 years ago

You’re welcome, and my pleasure. Digging on old time semi-obscure players is my autistic hobby. I have updated the photographic entry on Leo Vincent Trimble. He was born on August 31, 1888 in Napanee and died November 6, 1943 in Victoria, BC. How he’s related to Jack Adams’ wife I have no idea about though. He was probably a spare player on the 1910s Queen’s team.


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