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Queens University Senior Hockey Team
Allan Cup Champions 1909
Intercollegiate Champions of America 1909

Team Roster
H W Macdonnell - point, E L Pennock - cover-point, G L Campbell - left wing, G George - rover, V W Crawford - center, A M Daniels - goal, W Dobson - Captain, right wing

Coach - Jock Harty
Trainer - Alfie Pierce
School Principal - The Rev Daniel Miner Gordon
President - R E MacLaughlin

Ottawa, March 16, 1909 - In one of the most stubbornly contested hockey games ever witnessed in Ottawa, and after seventy-five minutes of actual play, Queen's hockey team, of Kingston, last night, won the amateur championship of Canada, and landed the Allan cup, donated by Sir Montagu Allan, of Montreal. The university team eventually won by 5 to 4. The score was tied at full time, each team having four goals, and in the overtime the rivals played for fourteen minutes and a half before Campbell, the left wing player of the visiting team, drove in a wicked side shot, connected with the nets behind McKinley, ending a battle that for excitement far surpassed anything seen in Ottawa since the memorable Stanley cup games between the Ottawa and Kenora teams, three years ago.
Cliffsides outplayed Queen's at the commencement of the overtime play, but the staying power of the Kingston students, used with their good judgment at critical moments, resulted in their victory. At the close of the game their supporters swarmed on the ice and carried them off bodily. Over 4,500 attended the game. The ice was in good condition and the fourteen minutes overtime with the teams tied, gave a decided zest to the contest.
How the Game Was Won.
In the overtime, both teams were too tired to do much of the spectacular, and it was largely defence work. One goal decided the match and, fortunately for Queen's, Campbell was in a lucky position to swing the pendulum of victory to the side of the visitors, a pass from Dobson, after a rush by Macdonnell, finding the fair-haired Queen's wing man waiting for a chance. Dobson slipped the puck to Campbell as both Merrill and Hall rushed at him, expecting a shot, and Campbell, with no one upon him, steadied himself and sent in a fine shot.
At the beginning of the match, it looked as though Queen's were going to swamp the Interprovincial champions, they scoring three before the Cliffsides steadied down and commenced to play their usual good game. Just before half time Christie put up the star play of the night, dodging every Kingston man and banging the puck in, evening the score.
In the second half, Hall was penalized for what McPherson considered a cross-check, and Merrill was struck in the stomach and knocked out. He was carried to the side and revived, getting back into play immediately. Play continued about even, although Queen's had most openings, the checking back of Henry and Stewart in particular, doing damage to the side's chances. Christie went to the side again and as Hall came on Dobson poked in one for Queen's from a scrimmage, several of the players being piled in the net at the time. Campbell and George were both penalized, and after missing several chances, the Cliffside forward got going like cyclones, Christie dodging in and transferring the puck to Dion, who tied the score, with only four or five minutes to play. Time elapsed with out further scoring.
Overtime Decided On.
After the rules had been looked up, Referee Blair Russell announced that the teams must play on until either side scored. Both sevens were greatly tired, however, and the pace slowed down, occasional dashes by Dobson or Macdonnell or zigzag rushes in return by Merrill, Christie or Dion, enlivening the play. Twice, Henry was knocked out. Once, Pennock gave him a slam into the boards, going off, and leaving Queen's one man short. The injury took the steam out of Henry, and Queen's succeeded in holding the Ottawa team out. On one occasion Dobson shot and the Queen's forwards rushed at the nets in an effort to push the puck in. McKinley stopped it, and while they were all piled near the goal, Stewart grabbed the top of the net and pulled it out of place. Queen's claimed a goal, but McKinley still had the puck when the struggling mass was untangled, and Stewart went to the side for jerking the net out of place.
The crowd was in an uproar, but suddenly came Dobson's rush, his pass to Campbell, and the latter's shot, the delirious shouts of the loyal Queen's contingent being proof enough that the shot had broken the tie and given the championship to Queen's.
The Teams Compared.
Between the play of the two teams there was little to choose, the odd goal in nine, just about representing the extent of Queen's superiority on the night's play. Queen's were faster skaters than the Cliffsides, and they showed more consistency in checking back. Queen's were strongest on the defence, Macdonnell and Pennock forming a great combination at point and cover. Macdonnell, Pennock and Dobson were the most useful men on the university team, Macdonnell being very fast and aggressive in addition to being a splendid checker, while Pennock was a tower of strength in rushing as well as in repulsing Cliffside's attacks. Dobson displayed a world of speed at right wing, being undoubtedly the fastest man of the fourteen. Campbell at left was also in great form, while Crawford and George worked like beavers in mid-ice. Despite the fact that four players were carried off the ice, Merrill and Henry being laid out cold, play was not particularly rough. The checking was hard and occasionally the players slashed each other, but most of the penalties were imposed for trips and they were all light ones, Queen's losing 13 minutes and Cliffsides 11.
Earl Grey Faced Puck.
His excellency Earl Grey faced the puck at the beginning of the match, a party from government house being present. Sir Montague Allan, donor of the new amateur trophy, was also among the spectators, he and a number of friends coming up from Montreal for the occasion. The Allan cup was to have been presented to the Cliffsides previous to the match, but it is not quite finished and the Cliffsides haven't even seen it as yet. It will likely be sent here so that the Cliffsides may get photographed with it. Then it will be shipped on to Kingston, Queen's being called upon to defend it next year against the O.H.A. champions.
Teams And Scores.
The teams were:
Queen's -- Daniels, goal; Macdonnell, point; Pennock, cover-point; George, rover; Crawford, centre; Dobson, right wing; Campbell, left wing.
Cliffsides -- McKinley, goal; Merrill, point; Hall, cover point; Christie, rover; Dion, centre; Stewart, right wing; Henry, left wing.
Referee -- Blair Russell, Montreal. Judge of play, S. Macpherson, Montreal; umpires, R. M. McLaughlin, Kingston, and G. Baillie, Ottawa; timers, A. H. Gibson, Kingston, and D. Wilmot, Ottawa; penalty timer, F. J. Eveleigh, Montreal.
The summary is as follows:
First half:
1 -- Queen's, Dobson, 10 min.
2 -- Queen's, George, 1.
3 -- Queen's, Campbell, 4.
4 -- Cliffsides, Henry, 6.30.
5 -- Cliffsides, Henry, 30 sec.
6 -- Cliffsides, Christie, 2.
Second half:
7 -- Queen's, Dobson, 9.15.
8 -- Cliffsides, Dion, 14.30.
9 -- Queen's, Campbell, 14.32.
Penalties -- First half, Pennock, 2 mins.; Christie, 2 and 2; Henry, 2. Totals for half, Cliffsides, 6 mins.; Queen's, 2 mins.
Second half penalties -- Pennock, 3 mins.; Hall, 2; Christie, 2; George, 2 and 2; Crawford, 2. Totals, Cliffsides, 4 mins.; Queen's, 10 mins.
Overtime penalties -- Pennock, 1 min.; Stewart, 1 min.
Total penalties for game -- Cliffsides, 11 mins.; Queen's, 13 mins.

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