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Official Photo - RCAF Flyers
Canada’s 1948 Olympic Ice Hockey Team

Team Roster
Aircraftsman 2 Murray Dowey, Aircraftsman 1 Ted Hibberd, Aircraftsman 1 Orval Gravelle, Leading Aircraftsman Ab Renaud, Leading Aircraftsman Roy Forbes, Aircraftsman 1 Pete Leichnitz, Corporal Patsy Guzzo, Corporal Ross King, Aircraftsman 2 Andre Laperriere, Flying Officer Frank Dunster, Flight Sergeant Louis Lecompte, Flying Officer Reg Schroeter, Flying Officer Hubert Brooks, Sergeant Andy Gilpin, Wally Halder (Naval Reserve), George Mara (Naval Reserve), Corporal Irving Taylor, Squadron Leader Corporal George McFaul, trainer, A.G. "Sandy" Watson, manager; and Sergeant Frank Boucher, coach

Flying Officer Brooks was selected to carry the Canadian flag for the entire Canadian Olympic team for the opening ceremonies on January 20.

Many of the players on the Royal Canadian Air Force Flyers Hockey team that competed at the Games were Veterans of the Second World War and two were highly decorated. Flying Officer Hubert Brooks held a Military Cross; he had escaped from a German prisoner of war camp and joined the Polish partisans, fighting with them for several months. Flying Officer Frank Dunster held the Distinguished Flying Cross for bringing a crippled Halifax bomber, and its crew, safely back to Allied territory. Leading Aircraftman Roy Forbes had also been shot down and evaded capture, making it back to Allied lines after five months, thanks to the help of the French resistance.

The RCAF Flyers were inducted into the Canadian Armed Forces Sports Hall of Fame in 1971.

In 2000, the 1948 Royal Canadian Air Force / RCAF Flyers’ gold medal win was selected as the ‘greatest moment in Canadian Forces sports history’

The RCAF Flyers team was inducted into the Canadian Olympics Hall of Fame in 2008.

Sourced from Credited to Hubert Brooks Private Collection.


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